• The Albemarle Screen


    • Date:
    • 2015
    • Client:
    • Private
    • Value:
    • £3,700 + VAT

    The Albemarle Screen

    Sally Mackereth’s curvaceous free-standing screen is designed to be floor-standing as a room divider or against windows to diffuse views. A larger scale version can be fixed to a wall as a 3 dimensional frieze.  The Albemarle Screen is available in  fumed chestnut or american black walnut, a spray lacquered finish to any colour and also polished brass.

    Contact info@studiomackereth.com

  • The Age Collection

    • Date:
    • 2016
    • Client:
    • Royal Salute for Pernod Ricard
    • Photographer:
    • Adrian Lambert
    When the oak tree that provided this fell into a passing river, the North Sea was dry land, the Sahara desert was a lush, cattle-grazing pasture and the ancient Egyptians had just started farming the Nile Delta. Stephen Armstrong

    The Age Collection

    The Age Collection is a rare, handcrafted limited edition set of Royal Salute whisky blends available for collectors, together with a bespoke wooden presentation plinth designed by Studio Mackereth and carved out of 8000 year old oak.  Studio Mackereth previously collaborated with Royal Salute in the creation of the legendary Neolithic bar, currently touring the world after its Salone del Mobile debut in Milan in 2015.  Both the bar and this plinth are made from an incredibly rare wood known as morta or abonos. This hard-to-find, hard-to-work material is formed when oak trees become buried in waterlogged soil for thousands of years.  Thus the shade of the wood denotes its age – the darker it is, the older it is. The bottles are ranked in order of seniority: youngest at the front, oldest at the back. “The oldest blends are raised up slightly higher, like a schoolbreakphoto” jokes Mackereth. That’s where you’ll find the darkest black wood, which has been carbon-dated to 8,000-years-old.

    “Royal Salute is matured slowly in oak barrels. As sources of this naturally preserved material are very limited, this rare, precious oak is the perfect way to display the time and craft of these whisky blends.”

  • Neolithic

    Wallpaper* Handmade at Salone del Mobile, Milan

    • Date:
    • 2015
    • Photographer:
    • Adrian Lambert / James Cheadle
    Without exaggeration - this is one of the best projects I’ve ever been fortunate to be a part of...And I’ve been around a while! Tony Chambers Editor-in-Chief Wallpaper* magazine

    Wallpaper* Handmade at Salone del Mobile, Milan

    Studio Mackereth was commissioned by Wallpaper* magazine to design a bar for their exhibition Wallpaper* Handmade in Milan. Constructed of ancient 8000 year-old oak, the piece has been handmade by specialist carpenters Jack Badger in the UK using traditional methods and supported by Royal Salute whisky.

    The centuries-long process of petrification results in colour alteration from golden-brown to completely black, and drastically increased hardness. The tree trunk, trapped to the riverbed, deprived of oxygen, in time becomes covered with layers of mud, sand and gravel. During hundreds and thousands of years, the decomposition of oak timber is considerably decreased by the minerals and iron from the water, while the tannin, naturally occurring in wood, combined with the solution of ingredients, induces darkening of the wood.


    Sally Mackereth explains “The age of the oak we are using is up to 8000 years old and coincides with the late Neolithic period. It is understood that the first wheel was invented around this time and crudely hewn out of basic discs of timber, no metal was available of course. Our similarly pure use of ancient timber and the circular shape of the bar we are creating in 2015 echo this early form. The subtle colour gradation around the 11 m circumference charts a lineage of time passing over thousands of years.”

  • Heaven + Earth

    • Date:
    • 2013
    With its beautiful disc of malachite, Oscar ring was inspired by Oscar Niemeyer and Carlo Scarpa. Bethan Ryder, The London Magazine

    Heaven + Earth

    ‘I like the story telling aspect of jewellery – I wanted to create something personal to the wearer’ says Mackereth when asked about why she was attracted to design jewellery. Mackereth sees it as architecture in miniature, a microcosm of the exact same preoccupations she brings to bear when designing a building. Like her architectural projects Mackereth’s jewellery combines unusual materials and celebrates narrative. The design of the Oscar ring is influenced by two of Mackereth’s architect heroes: the late Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer and Italian Carlo Scarpa.

    Available from Paul Smith, Albemarle Street, London.  For further enquries: info@studiomackereth.com

  • This table was one of the most stroked pieces of furniture in Milan this year. ‘Bright New Things’, The Observer

    CAST 001
    Outdoor furniture

    CAST 001 is the first edition in a range of outdoor furniture designed by Sally Mackereth. Launched in Milan at Tom Dixon’s MOST at Salone del Mobile 2012.

    Strikingly monolithic with a subtle surface texture, the furniture has been designed to suit all climates. To achieve the exquisite finish Mackereth has worked with traditional moulding and casting specialists Stevensons of Norwich.

    Clean lines combined with a strength of material ensure CAST 001 sits in a formal garden or natural landscape like a piece of sculpture. Formed in reconstructed stone, the collection features three cast textures: shagreen, wood and chainmail in a choice of metallic hues: bronze, pewter and old gold.