Bumble and Bumble

The US-based hair salon and retail company appointed Studio Mackereth to create well-designed and adaptable devices to enable more flexibility within the open-plan space.

Housed in an existing eight-storey industrial building in Manhattan’s Meatpacking district, the company was in need of an update that would improve navigation. That led the studio to design a series of moveable layers and elements to the top-floor space as well as the salon below, which would blur the traditional divisions seen between the retail area, gallery, café and photography studio.

Using a series of bespoke Perspex tube screens on casters, reminiscent of giant shampoo foam bubbles, it meant demountable shelves, drawers and graphic display panels could be used as needed.

Location: New York

Date: 2007

Client: Bumble and Bumble

Floor Area: 300 sqm