With its beautiful disc of malachite, Oscar ring was inspired by Oscar Niemeyer and Carlo Scarpa. Bethan Ryder, The London Magazine

Heaven + Earth

Date: 2013

‘I like the story telling aspect of jewellery – I wanted to create something personal to the wearer’ says Mackereth when asked about why she was attracted to design jewellery. Mackereth sees it as architecture in miniature, a microcosm of the exact same preoccupations she brings to bear when designing a building. Like her architectural projects Mackereth’s jewellery combines unusual materials and celebrates narrative. The design of the Oscar ring is influenced by two of Mackereth’s architect heroes: the late Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer and Italian Carlo Scarpa.

Available from Paul Smith, Albemarle Street, London.  For further enquries: info@studiomackereth.com